I’d want to start this week off with sharing (finally) many of the incredible Kickstarter Backers who made this book dream of mine real. These are only the folks who have an online space to share with the world. Together with many others, they believed in this idea when it was just a glimmer in my eye–before I had any kind of real plan, any proposal on paper, any chapters written; when the whole thing consisted of a handful of drafts and a heart full of longing.**

I can’t even describe how powerful it is to have people back you. How it makes things real, how it makes you be accountable and your very best self. How generosity is at the root of so much: abundance, success, inspiration, joy.

Thank you.

There is so much talent and creativity and passion and goodness in this list of bloggers and creative entrepreneurs, and they fill me right up with inspiration + gratitude + joy. Have fun perusing. You’ll be so delighted.

100 Proof Stories
Airstream Dreaming
Andie Edwards
Annie Denison
Barb’s Evolving Project
Bead Tree
Becoming Megsieth
Beverly Reverlry
Blissful Thinking
Brickhouse Studios
Bring Yourself
Catching Days
Cayden J
Coco & Lafe
Coffee Stained Clarity
Daily Fieldnotes
Dawn Smith Designs
Dream Dust
Do What You Love
Dust Of Europe Film Project
Elayna Alexandra
Elisa Elliot
Everyday Glimpses
Flyover People
Hashi Works
Hysterical Mommy Network
Imaginations Everything
In The Violet Hour
Jorun Boklöv
Johanna Hoerrmann
Julies Little Joys
Just My Digital Stuff
Last Crumb
Laura Two Tina
Learning To Walk In Heels
Leonie Wise
Lesley Dahl
Life On The Green Line
Like A Radio
Listening & Speaking
Little Elm
Little Potatoes
Liz Lamoreux
Magpie Days
Magpie Girl
Meadow Lark Days
Meat Revolution
Melissa Brott Photography
Michael Kershner
Mindy Schroder
Molly Sutton Kiefer
My Creative Space
Oink Tails
Paul Frank
Perils Of Caffeine In The Evening
Phriday Filosofy
Pixie Campbell
Positively Organic
Rosa Murillo
Seeking Equipoise
Shameless Self Promoters
Slightly Scrappy
Shona Cole
Solomon Shiv
Soulful Owl
Some The Wiser
Stefanie Renee
Story Lamps
Sunday School Rebel
Susan Kruse
Susanna Crossman
Tara Bradford Photography
Terri Rambo
The Learning Curve
The Life and Times of a Kiwi-Mumbaiiker
This Joy Ride
Timothy C. Flood
Trying To Stay Focused
Wet Fresco Photography
Wood Smoke & Lingon Berries

Also heart-filled gratitude for the following inspiring + generous bloggers who shared my project with their readers:

Ali Edwards: Giveaway

Boho Girl: Giveaway

Do What You Love: Interview

Liz Lamoreux: Nine {An Interview}

Magpie Girl: 1Q Interview

Susannah Conway: My Creative Life {Interview}

Wishstudio: A Book You Can Help Bring To Life

(If you are a backer and I didn’t include you on this list, it wasn’t on purpose! I had a few broken links and a few outdated URLS that I couldn’t trace. Please please send me your URL if you backed this project and would like me to add you.)