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There are many words that will come, but for now, here are a few glimpses as we unpack boxes and think about the way our habits and lives will shift here.

The tree fogs sing loudly here at night, and it is quiet, save for the occasional cars. In the morning the sounds of traffic rise with the sun. During the day there are parrots somewhere in the neighborhood. They remind me of my childhood: where my neighbors had parrots of all kinds up on the hill above our house. I love their exotic calling during the day.

There are trees here, wider than my arms can hold, and a creek where Bean already caught a crawfish longer than my palm. He’s fearless and slight of hand, that boy of mine. Both of them, such natives in nature. Sure footed and confident in the woods where they go now to explore.

They’ve also got a shed attached to the house off the back deck that they call their ‘clubhouse.’ It’s the perfect home for their workbench–stocked with hammers and nails and small saws and bits of wood, and for all of Bean’s “inventions” and collections: snake skins, pebbles, circuit boards, locks.

The house is small. Humbly small. It’s good for us, and it requires an adjustment (we have a lot of stuff it seems!) We’ll likely be storing some things, to keep the space open and easy. There is good light in the living room though, with windows perfect for basking beside, especially come winter when the sun is scarce.

We brought the boys back to the old house to say goodbye, but all they really wanted was to be here, playing with their bikes on the sidewalk and then running to the ice cream truck when it came by–such a novelty still, for these country boys of mine.

More glimpses to come. We’re still knee-deep in boxes… and I’ve got some health issues going on that are slowing me down (a positive Lyme test being one of them. Ugh.)