A Field Guide To Now: Notes On Mindfulness and Life In the Present Tense was published in the autumn in 2012 by Globe Pequot Press.

A Field Guide To Now is collection of illustrated essays and field notes that explores the tenuous line between survival and thriving; between wanderlust and making a home; between being and becoming; and about how these things inevitably converge in the scarce, haphazard, simple moments of right now. It is both an invitation to create whatever opportunity your heart yearns for, and proof that it is possible. Reinvent the way you engage with the moment and explore the texture of your present tense. Above all else it is a reference manual for creating an extraordinary life out of ordinary moments.

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I hope you’ll pick up a copy. It’s the kind of book you’re supposed to hold in your hands. Dog-ear. Mark up. Return to again and again. It’s sort of a survival guide, and also sort of an adventure guide arranged in 26 short illustrated essays, with field notes and creative prompts.

” An ode to the pleasures and sweet bondage of motherhood, a gift basket of drawings, musings, definitions and advice from the grassy hillside of a New England farmouse. A labor of love, in love’s coat of many colors; an offering to the God of the search for a valuable life.”

–Pam Houston, author of Contents May Have Shifted

Photo by Rene Tougas

“A personal and conversational guide to faith and timing.”

–Sabina Ward Harrison, author of Spilling Open


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Who this book is for:

• Artists + writers—and anyone interested in creative process

• Creative souls + adventurous wanders (and anyone who has felt the simultaneous tug of wanderlust, and the desire to put down roots and claim a place as home)

• Mamas (and daddys) trying to balance nurturing little ones with self care

• Anyone longing discover or reclaim their creative pulse (amidst the overwhelm, distractions and responsibilities of daily life)

• Anyone with the inklings of dream or creative project or bold undertaking

• You